Ahead of the curve: The value of buying industrial land in Perth’s growth corridors

June 2023

Securing industrial land in the growth corridors of Perth’s outer suburbs can be an investment strategy that puts you ahead of the game — but it is all about proximity to transport links.  

Major arterial roads make the critical difference between a good piece of industrial land and a great investment, but the multi-billion investment in transport infrastructure in recent years has made finding prime blocks an easier task.  

WA is in the middle of a $34 billion infrastructure investment boom, including around $9 billion just on roads, which is helping to unlock valuable land around key routes.  

The benefit of the investment can be seen in increased land sales and higher values around Tonkin Highway to Perth’s east and south, including DevelopmentWA’s Forrestdale Crossroads Industrial Estate, which is almost fully sold.  

Other hot spot areas for growth have opened up along the growing southern coastal strip, supported by a range of road upgrades, as well as improved transport links to the north near the Perth-Darwin Highway, and in the fast-appreciating industrial corridor between the established area of Wangara and the emerging industrial estate at Neerabup.  

In each case, transport is making a difference, with improved connections facilitating the movement of goods and services, making these areas a tantalising prospect for logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and a full slate of industrial businesses. 

Early land acquisition in Perth’s growth corridors offers the opportunity to secure prime real estate at a competitive price. As these areas develop and demand increases, the value of your investment could substantially appreciate. 

Moving goods and people to drive business 

While road investment is often seen as a cost, it underpins business activity in several ways. 

Firstly, it helps Perth prepare for the exponential growth yet to come as the State hits 3 million people in the next few years and the city grows to 3.5 million within a decade or so.  

That growth can only be sustained if the transport links keep flowing.  

A second key benefit is in the movement of goods. A decade ago, 20 billion tonnes were moved by WA roads.  

By 2030, that’s expected to be 40 billion tonnes.   

To achieve that growth requires logistics centres, warehouses, refrigeration facilities, fabrication yards, truck depots, servicing and manufacturing hubs — every nut and bolt on the supply chain.  

Every one of those businesses is better off close to a major road.  

The final benefit lies in the movement of people. When finally complete, the $505 million Tonkin Highway extension is expected to cut 20 minutes of north-south travel time, making it easier to travel from Thomas Road to the South Western Highway 

Tonkin Highway already passes through some of the State’s industrial hubs, connecting areas such as Malaga, Maddington, and the up-and-coming Forrestdale. 

As businesses buy and invest in those areas, they need confidence workers can get where they need to be without spending too long sitting in traffic.  

To take Crossroads Industrial Estate, for example, it is already estimated more than 25,000 cars per day  pass on Ranford Road, and it is within a five-minute drive of some of the State’s fastest growing suburbs, including Piara Waters, Harrisdale and Canning Vale. 

Get ready now for the future 

While the focus has rightly been on the upgrades to the east and south of Perth, it’s worth keeping an eye on the development of Perth’s northern corridor.  

Wangara may be one of Perth’s busiest industrial areas, but it is reaching saturation. Instead, there is new land opening in Neerabup that offers more space and a chance to link with emerging industries for early movers.  

Set for new infrastructure, the creation of commercial and industrial zones and the expansion of residential areas – early investment aligns yourself with this strategic vision, positioning yourself to benefit from the area’s impending growth and development. 

In Neerabup, the emergence of the area’s industrial estate has provided opportunity for rapid industrial expansion in our city’s northern suburbs. 

It’s part of the East Wanneroo development, which is set to cater for 150,000 residents, 50,000 homes and up to 20,000 jobs — meaning there’s never been a better time to head north. 

It’s an area with strong residential growth, thanks to more affordable housing, and it is conveniently close to the Great Northern, Great Eastern and Perth-Darwin routes.  

Importantly, industrial land in this emerging area offers space – a crucial factor for many industrial businesses.  

Whether it’s warehousing, manufacturing or logistics, having the room to grow and expand is a significant advantage and one not always available in more hotly contested established areas. 

For new businesses unsure of growth potential, these areas present an opportunity for affordable space, opportunity for expansion and future sustained demand.  

Being ahead of the game in real estate investment means recognising and seizing opportunities when they arise.  

By aligning your investment with the region’s long-term growth plans, you position yourself to benefit from the area’s future development and demand.  

Don’t wait for the market to catch up – reach out to us today, take the leap and secure your business’ future. 

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