Finding the Perfect Commercial Office Space: An Insider’s Guide

October 2023

When choosing the right commercial office space for your business, the internal features of the space can significantly affect employee productivity and client impressions and impact your bottom line. In Perth’s competitive commercial property market, businesses wanting to make a move are looking for the perfect combination of quality internal features, modern amenities and strategic location.  

At Sterling Property, we’ve been successfully supporting clients for decades to buy and lease the right commercial premises for their business needs. Here’s an in-depth look at eight key building features that many of our clients consider when searching for their next commercial office space, and why you should consider them too.

Natural Light

Spaces filled with natural light can appear larger and more welcoming. This not only provides a great advantage when hosting clients, but it can also contribute to boosting employee morale, reducing energy costs and creating a more pleasant working environment. Businesses should look for spaces with large windows, skylights or any other favourable lighting orientations.  

For example, at 12 Newcastle Street in East Perth an extensive refurbishment has been completed on level two to bring more natural light into the office building. The commercial property, which is being leased by Sterling Property, now features an architecturally designed fit-out, creating a more welcoming space for new tenants. 

Flow of the Floor Plan

A well-designed floor plan can enhance workflow and collaboration. When deciding on a new office space you should think about your operational needs and how employees will move through the space. Consider the layout of your reception, workstations and other office needs such as meeting rooms, private offices or treatment rooms, and waiting spaces.  

Depending on the nature of your business, you should also consider quiet spaces for focused work, meeting rooms for client interactions, board rooms for formal gatherings and open spaces for team collaborations. A considered layout will create good flow through your office and enable you to cater to various work styles, which is crucial to creating a productive work environment.  

By offering a dynamic and well-structured space, you can support creativity, encourage more collaboration and connection, and boost employee satisfaction. For example, at 503 Murray Street in Perth’s CBD, which was recently sold by Sterling Property and now available for lease, each level has been newly fitted and refurbished to improve the flow of the floor plan and create new, attractive office spaces.  


Quality of Materials and Internal Fittings

High-quality fittings and materials project professionalism, enhance aesthetics and reduce maintenance costs for your commercial office space. Businesses should consider everything from the quality of the flooring to the windows and furniture as every element contributes to building an overall impression of your office space and your business.  

These elements not only impact the look and feel of your office, but they can also affect its performance. High quality insulation and flooring can help reduce noise levels. High quality materials are also likely to be more durable and longer lasting, which is not only good for reducing maintenance costs, but it’s good for the environment too.  

Quality materials and finishes have defined the state-of-the-art Rhodes House in West Perth. The elegantly designed commercial office building located at 32 Ord Street in West Perth sets a new standard of excellence and innovation in the West Perth market.  

Energy Ratings  

Buildings with high energy ratings, such as NABERS, tend to have lower operating costs, which can help businesses save on their bottom line.  

Not only that, but increased sustainability can also enhance your company’s reputation and appeal to eco-conscious clients and employees. More than 80 per cent of consumers now agree that a commitment to sustainability adds value to a brand, which makes it clear that businesses need to start demonstrating their sustainability commitments. 

Energy efficient buildings can also deliver a more natural and comfortable space for visitors and staff through better temperature controls.

Kitchen and Bathroom Facilities

The quality and accessibility of bathroom facilities can impact comfort and convenience, so you should check for sufficient and inclusive bathroom facilities to accommodate your team. A functional kitchen space that encourages staff to take breaks is also essential for productivity and wellbeing.  Quality kitchen spaces encourage staff to socialise, allowing company culture and relationship building to flourish.


End of Trip Facilities for Commuters 

End-of-trip facilities such as bike storage, showers and changing areas can also make your office more appealing for active commuters or those who exercise during breaks. With more than 3 per cent of Australians riding or walking to work, companies that cater for this sector of their workforce show consideration for their employees’ lifestyles and help to contribute to a healthier, more active office culture.  

For example, the end of trip facilities available at the striking commercial building at 26 Charles Street in South Perth provide more modern convenience for active commuters.   

Reception Quality and Visibility 

Reception areas form the first impression for clients, so providing a space that is comfortable, stylish and well-lit can set the tone for successful interactions. Consider adding amenities like complimentary drinks, reading materials or unique design elements to make waiting times more pleasant.  A reception area with a clear line of sight to entrances and exits will increase security and ensure prompt, professional client greetings. It also aids in controlling access to the rest of the office space, protecting employee privacy and sensitive information. 


Outdoor Areas

Spaces like balconies or courtyards offer valuable breakout areas for staff relaxation and informal client meetings. Depending on the size of outdoor space, these areas can also be utilised for team-building activities or outdoor working in good weather, offering a valuable change of scenery during the workday.  With working from home and flexibility a ubiquitous part of modern work, offering similar variety within the office can build positive sentiment towards in-office work. 

Finding the perfect commercial office space for your business involves a delicate balance. By focusing on internal features, you can create a productive, comfortable and efficient workspace that aligns with your operational needs and supports employee wellbeing.  

If you’re looking for the perfect commercial office space, whether that’s a small or large premises to buy or lease, we’ve got the experience and local knowledge to help you find the right property. Get in touch with us today. 

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