Uncovering the Value: The Advantages of Leasing Medical Premises in Wembley and Subiaco

June 2023

When it comes to leasing medical premises in Perth, two suburbs rise above the rest. Wembley and Subiaco have emerged as hotspots for those growing a medical practice. With their strategic locations near major hospitals and a thriving medical community, these areas offer unique advantages that can significantly benefit your practice. Here is why Subiaco and Wembley are perfect for your medical practice.


Proximity to Hospitals

The first compelling reason to consider Subiaco and Wembley is their proximity to some of Perth’s major hospitals. Both Wembley and Subiaco are a stone’s throw away from hospitals such as St John of God Subiaco Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and King Edward Memorial Hospital. This proximity provides a steady flow of potential patients and enhances the visibility of your practice. Being located near major medical institutions can also facilitate stronger professional connections. Proximity simplifies the process of collaborating on patient care or sharing expertise with medical professionals based in these hospitals. This networking opportunity can not only enhance your practice but also foster a supportive medical community.


Patient Accessibility

Another significant advantage of leasing medical premises in these suburbs is the ease of accessibility for your patients. Both Wembley and Subiaco are well connected to the city centre and public transportation routes. This ensures that your patients can easily reach your practice, whether they are driving, walking or using public transport. For those driving, there are affordable short-term parking options, including free parking in certain areas.


Diversity of Properties

Both areas offer a diverse range of commercial properties suitable for medical practices. Whether you’re looking for a small clinic space or a larger premise for a growing practice, you’ll find options to suit your needs. This diversity makes it a great opportunity for a mix of services.


Vibrant Communities

Wembley and Subiaco are vibrant communities with a wide range of amenities such as cafes, shops and parks. These amenities can enhance the experience for your patients, making their visits to your practice more enjoyable. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee before an appointment or a walk in the park post-consultation, these additional benefits can contribute to a positive perception of your practice. The charm of Subiaco and Wembley’s town centres contributes to making your medical practice a full-service experience.

Leasing medical premises in Wembley and Subiaco offers a mix of strategic location, easy accessibility, a range of property options and community amenities. When coupled with the opportunity to be part of a thriving medical community, these factors make Wembley and Subiaco highly attractive options for any medical practice.

If you’re considering setting up or relocating your medical practice, these suburbs should be at the top of your list. Take the leap and get in touch with us today to find out more.

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