Subiaco: A Rising Star in Perth’s Office Market 

June 2023

Subiaco is emerging as an attractive office alternative to traditional hot spots in Perth and West Perth. A leafy and historic suburb just west of Perth’s CBD, Subiaco offers a mix of urban appeal and community charm. It boasts a range of eateries, retail outlets and entertainment options, making it a convenient, enjoyable and vibrant town centre for employees to run errands or unwind after work. This vibrant centre enhances the appeal of having an office in Subiaco. With an array of amenities that add value for both business owners and employees, here is why Subiaco should be on your radar. 


Subiaco’s Transport Links 

Subiaco’s well-connected transport network is a significant draw. The Subiaco train station provides quick, easy access to Perth’s CBD, making commuting hassle-free. Subiaco also passes through numerous bus routes in the area, with the free CAT service on Thomas Street a short commute away for those looking for free transport into the CBD. This connectivity makes engaging with clients and collaborators in Perth’s economic hub an easier task, with a short train, bus or Uber ride taking you to the CBD, West Perth or surrounding areas. 

Its proximity is complimented by a favourable parking ratio. With a lower parking levy than surrounding suburbs, the City of Subiaco offers more sustainable parking options for your business. For your employees, making driving to work a viable and affordable option has huge upside. An increase in free, short-term parking options is also a great drawcard for clients visiting.  


Revitalisation of Rokeby Road 

The revival of Rokeby Road, Subiaco’s main shopping strip, has added to the suburb’s allure. The street’s unique blend of boutique stores, cafes and restaurants, combined with its pedestrian-friendly layout, creates an inviting atmosphere that staff can enjoy during breaks or after hours. Blackburne’s One Subiaco, recently completed at the historic Subiaco Markets site, has delivered more than 500 new residents to the suburb, as well as lifting its amenity with its new retail and hospitality offerings. DevelopmentWA is also active in Subiaco, with its Subi East helping to regenerate the former Subiaco Oval and Princess Margaret Hospital sites. These new developments will only contribute not only to Rokeby Road’s revival but will also add vibrancy throughout Subiaco. 


Residential and Hospitality Developments 

The recent boom in apartment and hotel developments has transformed Subiaco into a vibrant live-work-play hub. These developments not only provide potential housing options for employees but also cater to business travellers, clients or partners visiting from out of town. Subiaco is now a one-stop-shop for business. 


Quality Education Institutions 

The addition of the Bob Hawke Senior High School adds another layer of attractiveness for businesses. Employees with families will appreciate the proximity to quality educational facilities, potentially increasing their satisfaction and loyalty. Subiaco also offers access to a range of early childhood institutions and primary schools, Shenton College, Perth Modern School and some of Perth’s most prestigious private schools. The proximity to UWA and strong public transport routes make it a fantastic option for those with children studying or those furthering their professional development. 


Future Growth Potential 

Subiaco’s growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. Long-term redevelopment plans, such as the Princess Margaret Hospital site, promise to bring further enhancements to the area. Population is expected to grow strongly in Subiaco, with the local council’s forecasts indicating it expects more than 20,000 residents to call the suburb home by 2016. Continued development around Subiaco will provide homes and jobs for these new residents, while undoubtedly adding value and attracting more businesses to the suburb. 


Subiaco’s Time is Now 

Subiaco presents an appealing alternative to the traditional office markets of Perth and West Perth. Its blend of convenience, lifestyle and growth potential make it an attractive location for businesses looking to launch or relocate. Now is the perfect time to consider this rising star in Perth’s office market. 

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